Chaos Variant

The powers for the Chaos variant are
Aank Bbel Cber Dbre Ebud
Fbul Gcon Hden Iedi Jgre
Khol Lkie Nlvp Plon Qmar
Rmos Smun Tnap Unor Vpar
Wpor Xrom Yrum Zser 0sev
1smy 2spa 3stp 4swe 5tri
6tun 7ven 8vie 9war
Thus, the first power is called Aank, starts owning the supply center Ankara and is abbreviated A. The next is BBel, starts in Belgium, and is abbreviated B. The third is CBer, starts in Berlin, and is abbreviated C. And so on. The last ten are prefixed with a digit. Thus, the last power is 9War, starts in Warsaw, and is abbreviated 9. M and O are skipped to make this consistant with the Ken Lowe e-mail judges (who reserve M for master and O for observer).

The game begins with no units on the board in Winter Adjustment, so powers decide which unit they would like to start with (if they are on a coastal supply center). Note that Spain and St. Petersburg require a coast specification for building fleets.

The colors are fixed as listed. There is no coloring scheme that will guarentee that two similarly colored powers won't share battle lines (and thereby make it difficult to read the map). The colors do not change later in the game to make it easier to read the map because that would be more confusing over all. The "border" maps tend to preserve the true colors better than the "texture" maps (due to the color limitations of the gif image format) and the "classic" maps have the abbreviations for the powers on the units.

Take care when viewing the maps.

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