What is BOUNCED?

BOUNCED is a web-based system for playing Diplomacy. It keeps track of multiple users and games. It allows the users to play games against each other providing interfaces for judging, mapping, and press. It attempts to duplicate all of the functionality of PBEM Diplomacy games while providing a nice user interface and a coherent database.

BOUNCED stands for "Basic On-line Utility for Networked Computerized Electronic Diplomacy" and, yes, the name is redundant in many ways.

What is Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is a strategy board game originally developed by Allan Calhamer and first released in the late 1950s. The rights to the game are currently owned by Hasbro. There is far too much to the game to be described here. Hasbro has kindly put the rules for the board game on the web.

For more information, we recommend you visit The Diplomatic Pouch which has a nice introduction to the game.

Who runs this website?

BOUNCED was created and is currently run by Christian R. Shelton. You may reach him at All comments and questions should be addressed to him.

How can I play?

You must have a BOUNCED account. Currently, these are free and take approximately 30 seconds to create. You need only an e-mail address where you can be contacted. To gain a BOUNCED account, register at the registration page.

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